Quotes Fabulous! Their loaded baked potato soup is to die for. The staff are always cheerful and friendly. I love that they are constantly adding new deliciousness to the menu, as well! I always keep an eye on their FB page for special offers to save a little on an item I already love or as a motivator to try something brand new!" Quotes
Jessica M.

Quotes I am in love with the Razmatazberry Smoothie, and I get a "Womens" boost added to it on occasion for some extra nutrients. Quotes
Sarah P.

Quotes Strawberry Banana Smoothie!!! The Chicken Ceasar wrap is awesome too! Quotes
Catherine O.

Quotes The best thing ever is the soup! I know it isn't there for summer but the soup is the best. I even buy it and bring it home for days when I am not there. I think that the second best thing is the chicken sandwiches. The chicken salad is good so is the chicken bacon ranch. I love the fruit smoothies but the best is the coffee. Quotes
Deanna B.

Quotes I think it's amazing that you use fresh fruit. I'm not sure anyone else does that in the area. I REFUSE to drink powder or "fresh fruit" from a container. The smoothies are delicious, healthy and refreshing. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful business to Dubuque! Quotes
Kristina N.